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 Rules of MapleCastle

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PostSubject: Rules of MapleCastle   Sun May 23, 2010 7:24 pm

No Spamming - Don't repeat same topics. No useless posts.No unrealted posts.No one word posts.
No Flaming- Simple just don't call people other names and bash how terrible they are or what they did was terrible.
No Vulgar Content- No Pornography of any sort, even if it may be just drawn. -coughstare-. No gore-like content, we do have some very young posters that may somewhat be scared for life. No excessive cursing outside of the venting section. And don't just fill your threads there with curse words just to do it. That will be considered spam.
No Advertisement- Advertising without permission results in an automatic permanent ban. This mostly just goes for private servers or other illegal acting websites.
Don't distibruite programs- When I say that I mean illegal or programs with a glitch around them.
Avatar and Signature Sizes. Avatars may be no larger than 200x200, and signatures no larger than 700x200.
Don't Double Post - Please don't double post in a topic once you previously posted. There is an edit button.
Do not bump up posts- If there is an old thread and you post in it and then it becomes the most recent thread in the place then you will receive a warning.
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Rules of MapleCastle
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