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 MapleCastle Credits

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PostSubject: MapleCastle Credits   Sat Jun 12, 2010 10:59 am

Sprite Sheet Thread -
Rank Template - 's Minh
Project Section-
MapleCastle Intro-Unlucky17 (Sorry for long intro)
Banner Outline- TahGamer
Banner Characthers- TahGamer,Unlucky17,PerionCorner,CookiezofChaos,MuzicKid,Me,Minh, and Jaws!
Other Section Ideas- They mainly are just like every fourm sections and topics but I got it from looking at and

Now you can see I used my resources and used other ideas. But don't worry every day I am thinking of makeing new ideas for this fourm. It is just so hard. I will list some ideas that I did not use.

---Failed Ideas----
Tutor Section (We might add it once we have more membes)

Well that is for now Credits to Minh for the Credit Topic idea! All The Best MapleCastle!

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MapleCastle Credits
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